Medical Aid Cover for Speech Therapy

Do you or one of your dependents require Speech Therapy? Did you know that most medicals aids now cover Speech Therapy?

When visiting our practice for the first time, please remember to bring along your medical aid card as well as your ID. Here’s what should know:

  • We complete and provide you with all the necessary forms for direct submission to your respective medical aid.
  • This is then paid straight to us and no co payment is charged.
  • Our session fees are aligned with medical aid rates.
  • This is due to them determining the tariff beforehand.
  • We claim directly from your respective medical aid.
  • Prior to each visit, our receptionist will communicate with your medical aid directly to determine if you have funds available.
  • If not, she will inform you beforehand.
  • This information and transparency puts you in control, and avoids any surprises.

Contact our office on 063 068 1814 today, or leave us a message to book your next appointment.

7 replies on “Medical Aid Cover for Speech Therapy

  • Sadeeqa Saban

    Good Day

    I was wondering what the costs are for an assessment and there after sessions for a 6 year old. Also does medical aid rates also apply for paying cash?

    Are there sessions available in the afternoon?

    • Gillian Adonis

      Our receptionist will contact you regarding cost for assessment and therapy. We charge the same rate for medical aid and cash clients. We have sessions available in the afternoon as we close at 6pm.


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