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By Naresh Chandra Ghose, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Fareeduddin

ISBN-10: 8132215680

ISBN-13: 9788132215684

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The ebook is a considerate dialogue with scientists learning convergent plate limitations reminiscent of the well known, energetic India-Eurasia collision quarter. It presents a accomplished selection of petrographic photographs of ophiolitic rocks exhumed from oceanic lithosphere and mantle on the India-Asia plate boundary. Ophiolite is uncovered within the northwestern Himalayas, jap Indian plate margin and Andaman-Nicobar Islands. on the japanese margin, it happens in a slender strip comprising mantle peridotite tectonite, cummulate peridotite-gabbro-plagiogranite-anorthosite, mafic dyke, volcanics and oceanic sediments. Low temperature/high strain rocks together with blueschists and eclogites have been generally studied lately. Ophiolite derived sediments and podiform chromites can be mentioned to supply whole info. Supplemental maps, geological sections, box sketches and pictures will clarify the constitution, stratigraphy, ore mineralization, and metamorphic history.

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Wiley Interscience, London 289 p Gansser A (1980) The significance of the Himalayan suture zone. Tectonophysics 62:37–52 Garzanti E, Sciunnach D, Gaetani M, Corfield RI, Watts AB, Searle MP (2005) Discussion on subsidence history of the north Indian continental margin, Zanskar–Ladakh Himalaya, NW India. J Geol Soc Lond 162:889–892 2 Ophiolite Around the Indian Plate Margin Ghosh B, Morishita T (2011) Andradite-uvarovite solid solution from hydrothermally altered podiform chromitite, Rutland ophiolite, Andaman, India.

1996), while radiolaria in ophiolitic chert from near Salumi belong to the Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian–Lower Tithonian) age (Baxter et al. 2011). These dates are consistent with a 158 ± 20 Ma date determined by the K-Ar method in hornblende pegmatite within serpentinite in the Chin Hills Geological Setting and Stratigraphy Nimi Formation A thick sequence of folded metasediments dominantly composed of low-grade regionally metamorphosed rocks such as phyllite, feldspathic quartzite, limestone and quartzsericite schist exposed in the eastern tectonic boundary of the NHO is known as the Nimi Formation after the type section at village Nimi (Figs.

A wide range of invertebrate and plant fossils and microfossils within the formation indicates a subtle change in climate with the advent of the Cenozoic Era. , whereas leaf impressions of plants include Graminea, Shorea, Psidium and Annona (Ghose and Singh 1981). , indicate a Late Eocene-Oligocene age and a possible homotaxial relationship with the Barail Group deposited over the Disang Formation elsewhere in the Naga Hills (Chattopadhyay et al. 1983). About 5 km south of Phokphur, where the Jopi Formation is known as Phokphur Formation, seven closely spaced, gastropoddominated, fine tuffaceous breccia horizons with coaly and carbonaceous streaks and plant fossils have been identified (Vidyadharan et al.

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