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By Meredith Tax

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“This is the publication I’ve been ready for—only it’s richer, deeper, and extra interesting than i'll have imagined. A street Unforeseen is an immense contribution to our knowing of feminism and Islam, of girls and the area, and offers me clean desire for change.” —Barbara Ehrenreich, writer of Nickel and Dimed and Living With a Wild God

In war-torn northern Syria, a democratic society—based on secularism, ethnic inclusiveness, and gender equality—has received major victories opposed to the Islamic nation, or Daesh, with girls at the entrance strains as fierce warriors and leaders.

A street Unforeseen recounts the dramatic, underreported background of the Rojava Kurds, whose all-women defense force was once instrumental within the perilous mountaintop rescue of tens of hundreds of thousands of civilians besieged in Iraq. as much as that time, the Islamic nation had appeared invincible. but those girls helped vanquish them, bringing the 1st half the refugees to defense inside twenty-four hours.

Who are the innovative girls of Rojava and what classes will we examine from their heroic tale? How does their political philosophy range from that of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Islamic nation, and Turkey? and should the politics of the twenty-first century be formed by means of the competition among those political models?

Meredith Tax is a author and political activist. writer, so much lately, of Double Bind: The Muslim correct, the Anglo-American Left, and common Human Rights, she was once founding president of Women’s international, a world loose speech community of feminist writers, and cofounder of the PEN American Center’s Women’s Committee and the overseas PEN ladies Writers’ Committee. She is at present foreign board chair of the Centre for Secular house and lives in New York.

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With few important exceptions, left-wing movements have been overwhelmingly led by men and served by women: men making speeches, women making coffee. As a result, the history of the Left is lopsided, reflecting the ideas, history, and experience of only half the species. Its theory does not accurately describe the world, and its practice does not prefigure any future society most of us would want to belong to. No wonder it has reached an impasse. How could a theory and practice based—at best—on the experience of only half the human race possibly be adequate?

Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Contents Glossary of Organizational Names Introduction: A Road Unforeseen 1: The Kurds 2: Separated at Birth 3: Insurrection and Genocide 4: The People Take Up the Struggle 5: Kurdish Women Rising 6: Democratic Autonomy in Turkey and Syria 7: The Battle of Kobane and Its Backlash 8: The Birth of Daesh 9: Daesh vs. Kobane 10: War and Peace in Turkey Coda: Some Questions Remain Notes Suggestions for Further Reading Acknowledgments Index Glossary of Organizational Names GEOGRAPHY OF KURDISTAN Iran = East Kurdistan/Rojhilat Iraq = South Kurdistan/Bashur Syria = West Kurdistan/Rojava Turkey = North Kurdistan/Bakur IRAQI KURDISH PARTIES KRG: Kurdistan Regional Government (coalition) KDP: Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Masoud Barzani PUK: Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani Gorran (Movement for Change): third party breakaway from PUK in 2009 THE KURDISH LIBERATION MOVEMENT (PKK) NETWORK KCK: Association of Communities in Kurdistan KJK: Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Movement PJAK: Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (Iran) YRK-HPJ: Eastern Kurdistan Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units PYD: Democratic Union Party (Syria) YPG-YPJ: People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units (Syria) TEV-DEM (multi-party civil society coalition) PKK: Kurdistan Workers Party (Turkey) TAJK: Free Women’s Movement of Kurdistan HPG-YJA-Star: People’s Defense Forces and Free Women’s Forces YDG-H and YDG-K: Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement and Union of Patriotic Revolutionary Young Women DTK: Democratic Society Congress (multi-party civil society coalition) GENEALOGY OF KURDISH PARLIAMENTARY PARTIES IN TURKEY HEP 1990–1993 DEP 1993–1994 HADEP 1994–2003 DEHAP 2003–2006, merged with another Kurdish party to form the DTP DTP Democratic Society Party 2006–2009 BDP Successor party to DTP 2008–2014, merged with HDP HDP Kurdish and Gezi feminist-LGBT-Left Party, 2014–present AL QAEDA AND DAESH Al Qaeda in Iraq (IQI) is founded 2002 Changes name to Islamic State in Iraq (ISI) 2006 Sends infiltrators into Syria 2011 who found Jabhat al-Nusra ISI announces merger with Jabhat al-Nusra 2013 under a name translated either as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria/Iraq and al-Sham) or ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) Jabhat al-Nusra refuses to merge so al Qaeda and ISIS split 2013 ISIS declares itself a caliphate under the name Islamic State (IS) 2014 Daesh is the Arabic name for Islamic State, used by its opponents Didar, a soldier with the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

That is a misconception. Kurdistan was divided between Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey after World War I. Today the dominant party in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, led by Masoud Barzani, is competing with the Kurdish liberation movement of Rojava and the Turkish Kurds for ideological leadership. Like the little ethnic states that emerged in Eastern Europe at the end of the Cold War, the Iraqi Kurds want their own nation. In contrast, the Kurdish liberation movement thinks the nation-state is old-fashioned in an age of globalization; they want something more democratic, feminist, and ethnically inclusive, and are trying to build it in Rojava.

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