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By D Daners

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A part of the "Pitman learn Notes in arithmetic" sequence, this article covers: linear evolution equations of parabolic style; semilinear evolution equations of parabolic style; evolution equations and positivity; semilinear periodic evolution equations; and functions.

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G. [100]). 13 Definitions (a) We define a subspace of E0 by Zθ (A) := x ∈ E0 ; lim λθ (λ + A)−1 x λց0 1 =0 and provide it with the norm x Zθ (A) := sup ω0 ≤λ<∞ λθ (λ + A)−1 x 1 , which makes it into a Banach space. (b) Another subspace of E0 may be defined by setting Dθ (A) := x ∈ E0 ; lim t−θ e−tA x − x tց0 0 =0 . Equipped with the norm x Dθ (A) := x 0 + sup t−θ e−tA x − x 0

Take an arbitrary x ∈ E1 and define T ∈ L(F , E) by setting T λ := λx for λ ∈ K. 1) T L(K,Ei ) = x Ei . for i = 0, 1, θ. 2 (a), we have Kθ = K. 2) λ Kθ ≤ cˆ(F)|λ| 43 holds for all λ ∈ K. It is easily verified that T L(K,Eθ ) ≤ cˆ(F) T L(Kθ ,Eθ ) holds. 1) and (F 2) gives x Eθ ≤ cˆ(F) T L(Kθ ,Eθ ) ≤ cˆ(F)c(F) T 1−θ L(K,E0 ) T θ L(K,E1 ) ≤ c˜(F) x 1−θ E0 x θ E1 where we have set c˜(F) := cˆ(F)c(F). 2) is smaller or equal to 1. 5, taking F to be an interpolation method of exponent θ ∈ (0, 1). Note that the conditions (1)–(3) required in Subsection A are all met by the space Z = F(X), obtained by interpolation between X1 and X0 .

2α (i) [X0 , X1 ]α = Hp,B (Ω) and . 2α (ii) (X0 , X1 )α,p = Wp,B (Ω) (α = 1/2) 1 1 1 hold for all α ∈ [0, 1] \ { 2p , 2 + 2p } and 1 < p < ∞. 1). 11 in the Appendix. It is worthwhile to observe that from the above theorem and the definition of the s s spaces Hp,B (Ω) and Wp,B (Ω) it follows that the spaces Xα do not depend on the boundary conditions for α sufficiently small. Finally, we want to give some imbedding properties of the spaces Xα considered above. 17 Corollary Let Xα be defined by [X0 , X1 ]α or (X0 , X1 )α,p .

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