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New PDF release: Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of

By Chinweizu

ISBN-10: 9782651052

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Anatomy of woman Power--Powerful and needs to read!!

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Their determination to make the female body even more provocative has led to women's preoccupation with that delusive self-beautification which is commonly known as glamour. Glamour bathes the body with an illusory beauty; its purpose is erotic provocativeness; its fl,lnction, during courtship, is to arouse a man's aesthetic appetites, and thereby lure him into a trap a woman has set to catch a nest slave. The sexiness of her own body, as enhanced by glamour'S tricks, is a woman's frontline weapon in the battle called courtship.

He gives her pleasure, she gives him pleasure, but he pays: to her, that is fair! The narcissist personality is what makes a peasant girl of 15 take it as quite natural that a general or tycoon three times her age should lay all his hard-won power and riches at her feet when he courts her. It does not occur to her to ask if she is worth such tribute: she knows, in her wombsure narcissism, that she is worth much more, that she holds the most precious thing in her suitor's world, and should be paid for it with all that he has in the world.

However, many mothers continue to cuddle their boy children long past weaning time. Some allow them into their beds till they are four years or more. Further training to addict boys to the female body is done quite consciously, not only by mothers, but also by aunts and older girls generally. Consider the following Incident. One evening, in a flat in London, a West Indian woman picked up a 15 month old hoy and tried to teach him to kiss. When she first kissed him, the hoy made a sour face, and tried to break free from her embrace.

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