We are committed to offering only the best Speech Therapy service. In order to meet and exceed on this promise, we require constant feedback from you, our clients. It was with this reason in mind, that we’ve decided to compile a few of our most recent testimonials. But, first let’s find out how relevant these testimonials actually are to you.

The official definition of a “testimonial”, taken from http://www.dictionary.com/:



A written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter orwritten statement of recommendation.


Something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

These testimonials will provide you with a real, raw, honest to goodness first hand account of how our practice has either helped or how we are still helping our clients. They also indicate our success in receiving positive feedback. They are the embodiment of the relationship between Speech therapist and patient.

These endorsements are great confirmations that we are doing well in our practice. However, it must be noted that they are only achieved through consistent dedication to serve and meet the needs of our patients.

Have a look at the great feedback we got from our patients. Leave us message below and we’ll contact you to set up an appointment.

Desiree Claasen (11/05/18) – Excellent Service. Very helpful and my son is always happy to attend the sessions.

 Charl Valentine (02/05/18) – Very patient and always friendly. Open and transparent. Very accommodating with our personal needs and situation.

 Mrs Mostert (21/04/18) – Exceptional care in a calm environment that makes children feel at ease. Warm and friendly approach, with the ability to make any shy child come out of his/her shell!
Our son has shown tremendous improvement since attending sessions at Gillian Adonis’ practice. He looks forward to speech therapy sessions and this to me is evidence that we’re in the right place.
I highly recommend G. Adonis speech and language therapy.

 Tamlynn Kleinschmidt (21/04/18) – I am very satisfied with the results my son has shown. We have been bringing Zachariah for a while and am amazed at the progress he has made. One never realises the importance of spoken language until you have a child that is unable to communicate with you.

Grant Matthee (21/04/18) – Very friendly. Punctual. Consistent. Always smiling.

Neil Williams (28/04/18) – Uitstekende diens. My kind het baie goed gevorder op sy woordeskat en geniet dit baie om hier te wees. Ek sal definitief voorstel om hulle te sien.

Runett van Wyk-Ross (28/01/18) – Vir die 8 maande wat ons van julle diens gebruik maak is ons hoogs tevrede.
My dogtertjie se spraak het baie verbeter. Haar selfvertroue het baie gegroei, omdat sy nou meer effektief met haar maatjies kan kommunikeer.
Die terapeute is hoogs bekwaam en baie vriendelik. Hulle laat haar altyd gemaklik voel en sodoende, doen sy dus altyd haar beste.
Dankie vir julle uitstekende diens.

Chantell Meyer (28/04/18) – We are very pleased with the service we receive. We have been with Gillian for a very long time and the progress is beyond anything we ever expected. Gillian and everyone who has worked with our son have been helpful and assisted with us in many different ways not only speech and language.
The service is always excellent and everyone is very accommodating.

Rishiqua Abrahams (13/05/2017) – We have been receiving excellent service since we started with therapy. Please ensure that our therapist stays at the practise. She is doing an amazing job. My son has definitely made improvements.

Tania Herbert (13/05/2017) – I am very pleased by the excellent service my son and I have received. I love how Cole gets excited when he sees the therapist. He has improved in so many ways. His speech, concentration and listening skills have improved. I will definitely recommend therapy to people that have speech difficulties.

Juanita Plaatjies (09/05/2017) – I’m impressed with the excellent service that my son Zachary received. I as a parent have learned so much and I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you. I trust that if I as a parent apply all that I have learned and sit with my son everday that he will in turn have great results at the end of the year.

Jeanette Dilgee (06/05/17) – I am very happy with the service. No complaints.

Nokuthulo Ngubenkomo (25/04/2017) – Asi has developed more words now. She improved so much because of the sessions she had here. She enjoys the sessions and lessons. She has learnt to count and gains a bit confidence on her speech. None of the above would have been possible without your services.

Ragheemah Charles (25/04/2017) – Husain has become vey relaxed with sessions which makes me feel at ease. He normally takes very long time to trust. His speech is alsoe improving and doing the daily “homework” is definitely a tool that needs to be given to all (or strongly recommended). Thank you for taking the time to help him.

M Kalam (25/04/2017) – Is very Good.

Vuyiseka Nyalela (25/04/2017) – The sessions that I am attending are very helpful to my career because before I came here I was really struggling with my voice but after attended the sessions. I noticed that I’mno longer straining my voiceand I understood the things that can harm my voice. I feel comfortable to come here because the staff is very friendly and that makes things easy.

Gwen Sauls-Adonis (22/04/17) – The therapist is brilliant. Shiloh progresses every weekend.

Celeste Benjamin (22/04/17) – Very friendly staff and professional therapist. Looking forward to seeing our son’s report.

Tudor-Rose McKechnie (22/04/2017) – Absolutely great, I am very impressed. Keep up the good work!

Shabanan Cassiem (22/04/2017) – Very happy with the service from the therapist. Mahir has been at the Speech Therapist since 2015 and this the first therapist that he is comfortable and taking a liking to.

Tamlyn Kleinschmidt (22/04/2017) – I a very satisfied thus far. Personally, it is too early as progress is ongoing.

Kelly Smith (21/04/2017) – I find that the service is great. Making appointments are problem free. I find that the therapist really helpful.

Natalie Roman (21/04/17) – I will recommend you to anyone. Good Service.

Shemiah Arries (21/04/2017) – The staff is very kind and always has a welcoming spirit when coming for a visit. Very well equipped and I have a pleasant experience for y duration of visits.

Roween Khan (18/04/2017) – Service and therapist is much better than last year.

Farrell Lategan (18/04/17) – Good

Achmat Dennis (18/04/17) I see a little progress but hopefully he will start speaking at his own pace.

Nicola Soloms (18/04/17) Very good service

Anastacia Cupido (18/04/2017) – The service is very good. I am pleased with the service. Friendly staff and very helpful.

Luruin Murray (18/04/2017) – Helpful, friendly, caring therapist. Always looking at the needs of the child and the progress of the child.

Pearl Ngobeni (13/04/2017) – It’s a pleasure to enter the waiting room. The receptionist administrator polite, kind, helpful etc. Reminders of appointment brilliant idea. Broad minded and open conversations with her. Excellent services thus far. Good customer services.

Robyn Schubert (13/04/2017) – I am really happy with my service. Staff are more than welcoming and very friendly. Will be using this service again.

Antonette Coert (13/04/2017) – Really great and friendly very helpful and always kind. Very happy with service.

Linsey Alexander (13/04/2017) – My son Aaron has been receiving therapy for the last 2 years. I have found her services to be efficient and through. Appointments are made bearing my needs in mind. I am grateful for timeous reminders. I also enjoy the friendly way we in which we are received when we enter the room. Thanks for your great service

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