Story Time

Story Time

Story time is about so much more than reading. It’s a time for parent and child to bond. A book, a lap, a snuggle, a connection that sets up a positive relationship not only between people, but also with books as well.

It begins with babies enjoying the warmth of your company and the sound and rhythm of a voice, long before they can understand the words.

Know Your Story

Read and re-read the story yourself so you are familiar with the voices in the story, the places for dramatic pause before you turn the page, where to vary your pitch, tone, speed, accent and volume.

Many picture books have enlarged print as a clue for you to speak louder or small print to lower your voice. But you need to know where these come up in the story to have the maximum effect and to engage your child with the action.

Feel comfortable reading out loud. Read aloud with passion because you are engaged in the process of reading too. Be prepared to read and re-read their favourites. Have fun reading yourself and children will pick up on this.

It’s All About Routine

Have a reading routine or ritual and keep to it as best you can. Have a time, place or particular chair for reading time.

Model a love of reading even if it is simply newspapers, magazines, shopping catalogues, user manuals or recipes. You are modeling lifelong reading as a skill and a natural part of daily living.

Books matter

Show that you value books by giving them as presents to other children, family members and adults. Make books and other reading material visible in the home and make them accessible from birth. Teach children to treasure books and look after them.

Improved Communication

Reading aloud and together allows children to be exposed to an increased vocabulary, speech patterns and pronunciations, as well as improving their communication skills.

Are you concerned by your child’s language or communication skills? Leave message below and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.

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