I was born and raised in the beautiful Western Cape. The people and children of Cape Town have always been my passion, ever since I can remember.

It is little wonder I was drawn into this field of work. I graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2002. After completing my degree I worked at Bloemfontein Hospital as part of my community service.  Working there affirmed my calling into this field of helping people. It was probably one of my most humbling experiences, but imparted me with humility and an unreserved heart of compassion.


There after, I spent some time at a special needs school in Johannesburg. The school focused on children with Learning Difficulties primarily Dyslexia. These kids crept into my heart and I just knew I wanted to continue working with children, specifically, those who had reading difficulties.

Cape Town was calling and it was time to head back.  I started my private practice in 2006. There have been many challenges that came along with it. However, I have learnt that the best way to overcome obstacles is one step at a time. I have thus far accrued fourteen years of experience as a Speech Therapist and over 1000 hands on clinical hours.

I am a mother of two amazing young boys. Their joy is my joy and their sadness is my sadness. So I fully understand and relate to parents’ plight when they enter my office with concern, anxiety and distress. I currently focus on all disciplines within Speech Therapy. View our range of services here. 

The Gillian Adonis Approach 

These are the key pillars that I have built the success of my practice on.

Trust: This is built up over time, but it is crucial that my patients trust me.

Authenticity: I am open and honest, holding my patients best interest at heart.

Perseverance: I don’t give up on my patients, and I expect the same from them.

Supportive: I am able to empathise and sympathise with my patients.

Attentiveness: When my patients speak, I listen!

Respect: I believe that respect is a fundamental element, in growing an on-going relationship, such as this.

Confidentiality: My patients can confide in me and be assured that it remains private.

Lisa Horn

Speech Therapist

Before university, I lived and worked in France as an au pair for children and attended a language school with women refugees. This year was instrumental in helping me understand the importance of being able to communicate and how this affects your quality of life and mental health. I personally experienced how not being fluent and having an accent greatly affects your confidence, and this is where I realised my passion for Speech and Language Therapy.

I then graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2019 with distinction and completed my community service year in Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2020. Here, I assisted a wide range of patients, from newborns to elderly patients with dementia. I worked both in the hospital as well as in the rural clinics. I have then spent the past year working in Canada for an NGO that assists adults with disabilities, such as Austim, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability.

I have a big passion for helping others be understood and feel valued, seen and heard. I thoroughly enjoy seeing how the confidence of both my patients and their parents grows as we work on improving their Speech and Language abilities or as we explore alternative ways to communicate.

Jade Jefferies

Speech Therapist

I'm a proud South African woman who grew up in New Zealand, where I developed a love for interacting with people from all walks of life. In 2014, my family and I moved back to South Africa with the motivation that home is where our family is. I went from living and learning in English and Māori, to giving life my absolute best in Afrikaans, English, basic isiXhosa, and basic South African sign language.

Upon completing my studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 2020, I was blessed with the opportunity to do my community service year in "the home of suiwer Afrikaans" - Namakwaland! There I served 42 clinics and hospitals as the only speech therapist covering over 60% of the entire region. My love for our country, for our languages, and for our people deepened tremendously.

Looking back at the years passed since moving home, I have learnt that my faith, passion for serving, optimism and adaptability will get me through anything.

To me, the foundation of speech therapy is working with the heart of a servant. It is with a servant's heart that one can practice speech therapy selflessly and lovingly, giving every patient your best.

Noluthando Fadipe

Speech Therapist

Sanibonani, ligama lami nguNoluthando! I am a nguni multilingual speech therapist born and raised in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

After Matric I wasn't sure what to study. All I knew was that I wanted to help people. I threw myself in NGOs in my gap year and had the privilege of going to Stellenbosch to learn more about medicine and allied sciences. It was on this trip that I learnt more about speech therapy and boy was I inlove!

I graduated in 2017 from Stellenbosch University and worked for Mpumalanga DOH from 2018 - 2021. In 2019 I enrolled in my Masters where I am translating and adapting the CDI to siSwati. This forms part of a bigger project where Stellenbosch University and University of Cape Town are creating South African language assessment tools. In the beginning of this year I started working for a private practice to better myself by treating COVID-19 patients with speech and language pathologies as well as patients with tracheostomies then in February my family relocated to Cape Town! .

I have a passion for adult neurology, stuttering and feeding difficulties. As a new mom I have developed a new liking to early communication intervention and working with children with special needs. I have experience working with paeds and adults with language, speech and feeding difficulties. I am a firm believer in working hard and not giving up, we may fall 7 times but we get up 8!

Idrees Karani

Speech Therapist

I graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2020, and completed my community service at GJGM Regional Hospital in KwaZuluNatal. It was here where I further developed my skills on cases ranging from complex paediatric speech and language pathologies to feeding assessments.

I am a driven individual with a passion for helping others and bringing about positive change wherever I can. As a child I was exposed to the lesser green side of the world, being witness to extreme poverty and hardship first-hand while living in Sudan, which allowed me to see the world with a compassionate eye as I grew up.

I believe that my own multi-cultural family and extensive travel has equipped me with the necessary tools to be empathetic and understanding towards those from diverse backgrounds. I have engaged with a range of cultures and languages, some of which I had the privilege of learning formally, such as Arabic.

As a male speech therapist, I often find myself being asked why I chose this career. In all honesty, it was only after job-shadowing a speech-therapist did I really discover what this field was about. Beyond speech and learning pathologies, what I see the need for amongst children and young adults are good role models, and patient, kind carers and aspire to channel this in practice. 

My current interests include paediatric and adult feeding difficulties, fluency and voicedisorders, cerebral palsy, and adult neurology.